Fiji Princess<br>3 Night Explorer Cruise<br>Nadi Return

Fiji Princess
3 Night Explorer Cruise
Nadi Return

Ship: Fiji Princess
Cruise Line: Blue Lagoon Cruises
Duration: 3 Night
Ports: Nadi, Modriki Island, Naviti Island, Narara Islands, Sacred Islands, Nadi
Airport gateway (Arrival) : Nadi
Airport gateway (Departure) : Nadi


The cruise takes in the majestic southern Yasawa Islands and also spends time at the strikingly beautiful Modriki and **Sacred Islands. It’s not just nature that will have you captivated on this boutique cruise; you’ll get to know and love the traditional Fijian culture!





Bula and welcome aboard Blue Lagoon Cruises! Set sail aboard Fiji Princess and enjoy afternoon tea as we head out from Denarau Marina for the outer Mamanucas.
Our first destination is at the gorgeous, secluded Modriki Island. Have you seen the Tom Hanks' movie 'Cast Away'? Modriki is the very island that stars so well in this block-buster! Enroute to the famous little island, settle into your cabin, enjoy a welcome cruise briefing, meet fellow guests and admire the scenery that slides by as we cruise.
Come early evening, as the skies turn dusky, cocktails are served with canapés on the sun deck. Mingle with fellow passengers and look out over the tranquil waters as the sun sets. Tonight is the Captain's Welcome Dinner, an a la carte menu served in the dining saloon. Entertainment is provided by our talented singing, dancing and guitar playing crew! Don’t forget to wander to the upper deck to see the magnificent array of stars in the night sky.


Awake to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and breakfast underway. There's time for an early morning snorkel, swim or wander along the stunning white sands at Modriki Island before we set sail for the southern Yasawa Islands. Late morning, we take you on a bit of an adventure… we have a very special location where the brave will get to swim with reef sharks! Of course they are only gentle reef sharks but they still make for a great snorkel experience! 
Back on-board we cruise into the waters around Naviti and Soso Bay. A tasty lunch is served on-board before heading ashore for a visit to the chiefly village of Soso. You’ll be welcomed in traditional fashion with a kava ceremony, before being shown through the village. Late afternoon there will be a presentation on the local history and legends, giving an insight into early Yasawan life. If you're lucky, a village elder will regale you with tall tales and true of his people's land and myths.
A sport fishing trip is also on offer at this location (optional and additional cost). Try to catch the big ones on the outer reef with a local charter operator and fishing enthusiast who knows all the good spots! Or if you prefer to get under the water, we'll offer diving for both novices and experienced divers (additional cost). There are many awesome dive spots in this area.
Back on Fiji Princess, ease into the evening with cocktails served at the sun deck, followed by a 'Thali' buffet dinner featuring exquisite Indian dishes. Help yourself to the fancy dress box and put on your boogie shoes for some  'Bollywood Dancing' after dinner on the upper deck, complete with Bollywood movies on the big screen.

Sunday in Fiji is respected as a day of rest so we pretty much follow suit. You can start the day with a cup of coffee and tasty breakfast or get in first with an early morning swim…. or just take it easy with a Sunday morning sleep-in!
There is a special opportunity to attend a village church service, which you’ll find to be a very moving experience. The atmosphere, singing and uniqueness of where you are will provide a great memory to remind you of the wonderful people of Fiji.
Lunch is served on board as we cruise to our next slice of paradise, not far away. You can partake in a Fijian cooking lesson and help prepare a tasty Fijian fish-dish, Kokoda. Yum! Basket weaving is another traditional Fijian craft, which you can try your hand at.
We'll anchor in the sheltered waters at Naukacuva and Narara Islands. The islands are covered in dense, vividly green forest, which reaches down to the white sandy beaches. These islands are picture-perfect and are a superb playground for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sunbathe on Fiji Princess or dive into the waters and discover the amazing colourful underwater world below. Snorkel to your heart's content or if you'd like to dive, this can be arranged for you (extra cost). There are many awesome dive sites around!
Come evening sip on cocktails served with canapés on the sun deck. Tonight's buffet has a range of dishes from Fiji along with a choice of European dishes. Bingo will be held in the dining room with lots of laughs and some good prizes! Of course you can always head to the upper deck for a quiet drink or two. Our staff will muster up some gentle tunes to set the mood.
Anchorage between NAUKACUVU and NARARA ISLANDS
An early morning fishing trip is on offer with the crew. An a la carte breakfast, cooked to your liking along with the buffet of fresh tropical fruits, yogurts, cereals, fruit juices, tea and coffee is the perfect way to fuel your day! There will be time for a snorkel, swim or kayak before we depart Naukacuva and cruise to one of the most beautiful and remote island groups seen on your cruise, the Sacred Islands.
Enjoy lunch onboard, overlooking the scene of paradise, before preparing for your departure. The high-speed private transfer vessel, Cheetah, will rendezvous for your journey to back Denarau Marina. Vinaka and farewell!
Anchorage between NAUKACUVU and NARARA ISLANDS

* Ports of call may vary based on itinerary and departure dates selected

Pricing -  Valid for travel from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

  Orchid Deck Hibiscus Deck
Twin Share $1,924 $1,496
Single $2,478 $1,924

Pricing - Valid for travel from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

  Orchid Deck Hibiscus Deck
Twin Share $1,997 $1,575
Single $2,543 $1,997

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Nadi is the third-largest conurbation in Fiji. It is located on the western side of the main island of Viti Levu, and had a population of 42,284 at the most recent census, in 2007. Nadi is multiracial with many of its inhabitants Indian or Fijian, along with a large transient population of foreign tourists. Along with sugar cane production, tourism is a mainstay of the local economy. The Nadi region has a higher concentration of hotels and motels than any other part of Fiji.

Modriki Island

Modriki is a tiny island, part of Mamanuca Islands, in Fiji. You can take a day cruise to Modriki, where the water is perfect for snorkeling and the sand is with no footprints, but yours.

Naviti Island

Naviti is a volcanic island in the Yasawa Group, in the Western Division of Fiji. Located at 17.13° South and 177.25° East, Naviti covers an area of 34 square km, with a maximum elevation of 388 m. The main economic activity is centred on resort hotels. Korovou Eco Resort is a typical backpacker resort with above average accommodation along the palm-fringed beach. The neighbouring resort closed down in Dec 2005 due to a shortage of drinking water. The swimming pool is a useful addition due to the shallow sea in the bay which dries out at low tide. There is a small church among the coconut palms behind the resort. Good walking paths and excellent views from the top of the island.

Narara Islands

Narara Island is located off the southern coast of Naviti, one of the larger islands that form the southern part of the Yasawa Group of islands. The Yasawa Group consists of six main islands and numerous smaller islets and is positioned within one of Fiji’s premier island resort localities. Narara Island enjoys drier weather than other parts of the country and has beautiful scenery with white sandy beaches and lagoons.

Sacred Islands

Fijian legend says that these islands were the first land fall of the early settlers 2,500 years ago—indeed hidden beneath a huge volcanic outcrop on Navadra Island is a shrine to the gods of the Islands, where you can leave an offering.

Today, their geographical remoteness and beauty make the Sacred Islands a favourite location for exploring, while their stunning white sandy beaches are just the ticket for relaxing and sunbathing.



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Cruise line info

Blue Lagoon Cruises

Blue Lagoon Cruises




The Story of Blue Lagoon Cruises

We offer amazing cruise experiences in Fiji's Islands. With more than 60 years experience cruising the Yasawa Islands, we've figured out the winning formula for taking guests to the most beautiful places in Fiji, showcasing the most rewarding activities and giving our guests the best possible experience in the untouched South Pacific!

History of Blue Lagoon Cruises

The history of Blue Lagoon tells the story of a love affair with the islands of Fiji – and of a man who dared to dream about creating one of the most enchanting cruise experiences in the world.


The Beginning

Captain Trevor Withers, a young New Zealand stockbroker with a passion for the sea, founded Blue Lagoon Cruises in 1950. Withers and his friend, Harold Gatty, a renowned Australian aviator, came to Fiji at a time when tourism to the pacific nation was virtually unknown. Visitors to Fiji, for the most part, were in transit at Nadi Airport or were shipboard passengers enroute between North America and New Zealand or Australia.

Withers and Gatty had a vision to establish a fishing industry in Fiji. To start the venture, the duo visited the islands to pay respects to the Chiefs. It was at the magnificent Yasawa Island, Waya Lailai, where they enlisted the help of a young villager, Epeli Voli, as an interpreter. With Epeli’s help, Captain Withers obtained the full support of the Yasawa people for his fishing venture and established firm friendships with the chiefs and the people of the Yasawa Islands.

After four years of effort, Withers and Gatty concluded that their hopes of establishing a tuna fishing industry in Fiji were not viable. But, both men had fallen in love with Fiji and wished to remain in the islands. Gatty went on to establish Fiji Airways, the forerunner to Fiji's national airline, Air Pacific (now once again called Fiji Airways). However, the future for Withers was not so clear. He still had his mind on the sea and began to dream of taking visitors on a cruise through the idyllic Yasawa Islands: a dream that was to become Blue Lagoon Cruises.


A Slow Start but an enduring icon

Withers’ enthusiasm for this new cruise project was not shared by many. Critics asked logically, "Where are the tourists?" Still, determined to make his dream a reality, Withers returned to the Yasawa Islands to solicit the support of the Chiefs and people. To his delight, and no-doubt due to his previously formed friendships, the cruise proposal was met with enthusiastic promises of co-operation.

While pondering over a suitable name for the venture, Withers remembered his association with the original movie version of 'Blue Lagoon', filmed on location in the Yasawa Islands in 1948. He had lent a hand on the set, where he had met and liked the attractive English star, Jean Simmons and the name ‘Blue Lagoon’, therefore, seemed totally appropriate for the idyllic cruise he envisaged.

Withers purchased his first boat from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authorities in Fiji. The vessel was christened Turaga Levu ('Great Chief' which was Withers' local nick-name). Amidst much merriment, she was launched down the slipway into Suva’s Walu Bay.

The first cruise date was then scheduled and advertised – with a complete lack of response. As the hour of the inaugural departure drew near, it appeared that if the Turaga Levu was to sail at all, it would sail empty. Withers, though tempted to cancel, was reluctant to disappoint the islanders anxiously awaiting its arrival, so invited six Fijian men on the wharf who had previously assisted him to become the Turaga Levu’s first cruise passengers.

For the first month, Withers set sail every Monday, often carrying Fijians to their Yasawa villages but without a single paying passenger. Finances began to run low and it was 10 days into his second month before Withers secured his first charter, an American Colonel and his wife who had made it quite clear that they expected the perfect holiday. Unfortunately (and quite comically) this didn’t prove to be the case. Withers had earlier conducted a painstaking inspection of the Turaga Levu to see that everything was shipshape: the only place, which required improvement, was the ship’s toilet, where the seat would benefit from a new coat of paint.

At the appointed time, the Turaga Levu set sail and soon the Colonel and his wife were relaxing in fishing chairs trolling for tuna. Later that morning, the calm of the cruise was shattered by a pained bellow from below. It transpired that the Colonel was firmly joined to the toilet seat, still sticky from the fresh coat of paint. Some delicate and painful maneuvering luckily parted man and seat, but the damage to his nether regions was such that the Turaga Levu was obliged to head back to shore in search of a doctor. On his return, drinks and lunch restored the Colonel’s humour and, after overnight treatment, he decided to continue the cruise.

During the following three months, only 27 passengers were carried on the cruise. Bankruptcy was imminent and Withers was forced to make a final desperate gamble. After securing agreement with the airlines flying the Pacific to undertake a joint promotion in North America, he sold all his wordly possessions for £7,000 to finance a whirlwind visit to travel agents in the USA and Canada. The gamble paid off. The trickle of visitors rapidly became a steady stream and Blue Lagoon Cruises was underway.

By 1966, Blue Lagoon Cruises had established an international reputation and Withers, now suffering from poor health, was ready to retire to his beloved Waya Island. After much deliberation, he sold the venture to Captain Claude Millar, a well-known New Zealand ship owner, so completing the first chapter of the Blue Lagoon Cruise history.

This briefly is the story of Blue Lagoon Cruises. A simple story of a dream that became a reality and a reality that fulfilled a dream.



Ship info

Fiji Princess


Fiji Princess is meant for boutique cruising and allows the exploration of countless tranquil inlets and bays, not accessible to larger cruise ships.

Blue Lagoon Cruises ship, Fiji Princess has been purpose-built for cruising and selected for the ocean going conditions of the Fiji waters, especially around the Yasawa Islands.

      Small enough to tie off to a coconut tree…

The small size of Blue Lagoon Cruises boutique cruise ship, Fiji Princess is just one of the things that makes a cruise with us so special. Accommodating up to 68 passengers and measuring only 179 feet (55 metres) in length, we can access bays and islands that would be impossible to reach in a large ship. We can get so close to shore, that we can tie off a coconut tree and you can swim to the beach! Here are some reasons we love small ship cruising:

  • Small ship cruising allows Fiji Princess to tie up to coconut trees during the day. We can explore the lagoons and coves that would be inaccessible to a large vessel.
  • With a maximum of 68 guests on Fiji Princess, no matter which beach or island we visit, you won’t be overwhelmed by crowds. Most the time, our passengers are the only people on the beach!
  • Because of the smaller passenger numbers, we pride ourselves on our personal and friendly Fijian service. We usually operate at a 2 to 1 passenger to staff ratio and everyone is referred to on a first-name basis.
  • Small ship cruising offers a very relaxed atmosphere and environment. Because of this, you'll adapt with the greatest of ease to 'Fiji Time'.
  • You only need to unpack once but you’ll visit numerous islands.
  • Our cruises are very casual and informal. There is no need to bring several outfits to wear for evening functions.
  • Our passengers often make friends for life, given the social atmosphere of small ship cruising.
  • If conditions are rough due to winds and swells, it's easy for us to alter our itinerary to cruise on the sheltered side of the islands



  • The excellent on-board amenities include:

  • An open-air dining room with views out over the sea to the rear of the vessel
  • Shaded sky deck bar and saloon bar
  • Sun loungers on the large upper sky deck
  • Glass bottom boat
  • Stand up paddle boards
  • A boutique with a range of souvenir items
  • Senikai Spa offering a range of massage and beauty treatments
  • Splash pool
  • A library of reading materials and games
  • In room DVD viewing
  • Unlimited WIFI in public areas onboard (available where reception allows)
  • Self-service guest laundry



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