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 Day 1
Bordeaux, France (overnight) »   Embark pm

Naturally, Bordeaux is renowned for wine. Considered the wine capital of the world, these French landscapes have been planted with vineyards since the 8th century. More recently, glasses have been raised in celebration of a sweeping renovation of the city’s historical center, a showcase of neoclassical architecture. With cars verboten and streetcars plying posh and polished boulevards, visitors enjoy a leisurely look at grand architectural treasures. In 2007, half of the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it the world’s largest urban area to be so inducted. Walk along the banks of Garonne River to admire its lush gardens and ornate fountains, and marvel at the Place de la Bourse, a royal palace with a magnificent façade that reflects on the waters of one of the city’s particularly exquisite fountains, the long and shallow “Water Mirror.”'

UNESCO sites come in all shapes and sizes, and the Port of the Moon is one of the most impressive, with more protected buildings than any French city except Paris. Discover this resplendent section of Bordeaux, revered as a gem of Renaissance urban architecture. Also head to Arcachon to find the Dune du Pilat, the largest sand dune in Europe. Growing ever larger, this sea of sand has engulfed trees, roads and even a hotel as it creeps east by about 15 feet a year. March to the top of the dune, a ridge that rises 375 feet above sea level, for views that stretch from the Landes Forest to the Bay of Arcachon and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. The bay’s sandy banks are known for producing oysters, a topic you will savor during your visit.

Day 2
Bordeaux, France (overnight) »    


Day 3
Bordeaux, France »   6 am

Naturally, Bordeaux is renowned for wine. Considered the wine capital of the world, these French landscapes have been planted with vineyards since the 8th century. More recently, glasses have been raised in celebration of a sweeping renovation of the city’s historical center, a showcase of neoclassical

Day 3
Cruising the Garonne River* »


Day 3
Cadillac, France (overnight) » 1 pm  

If the name of this city in southwestern France looks curiously connected to Cadillac automobiles, it’s because it is. Situated near Bordeaux and across the Garonne River from Sauternes, the town is named for 17th-century French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, who during his time in New France (a North American territory that once stretched from present-day Eastern Canada to Louisiana), helped found Detroit. Later, the luxury car brand was named after him and bore his coat of arms as its logo. Today, Cadillac—the walled town—is known for its late-Renaissance castle, old battlements and towers, and prestigious wines, most notably the sweet dessert vintages of the Cadillac AOC designation. With the city center walking distance from the dock, the charms of Cadillac are just a stroll away.

Wine discoveries overflow as you explore Graves and Sauternes, considered the birthplace of Bordeaux wines and known for complex reds, dry and fruity whites and sweet Sauternes. Fanciful images of feudal times come to life at Roquetaillade Castle, an imposing fortress with crenelated towers and high walls built on the order of English King Edward I. Bike rides afford intimate and invigorating views on vineyards and local history.

Day 4
Cadillac, France »   6 am


 Day 4
Cruising the Garonne River & Gironde Estuary* »


 Day 4
Pauillac, France (overnight) » 1 pm  

Situated north of Bordeaux on the Gironde estuary, Pauillac is one of the prestigious wine towns of the Medoc, the region famous for its First Growth vines. Names like Lafite Rothschild, Latour and Mouton Rothschild producing such wines as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec have put the Medoc on the map. Oenophiles from Europe and beyond delight in countryside scenery and taste exceptional vintages, some of the most revered and expensive in the world. Just a stroll from the dock, Pauillac offers its own enticements, including a picturesque waterfront, character-filled shops and cafes and 19th-century landmarks like the market hall and Church of Saint-Martin, reminders of a bygone time.

 Day 5
Pauillac, France »   7 am


 Day 5
Cruising the Garonne River & Gironde Estuary* »


Day 5
Blaye, France (overnight) » 9 am  

Located where the Sava River meets the Danube, Belgrade has been an important crossroad between Eastern and Western Europe since ancient times. Its long and layered heritage is on display in its varied architecture, ranging from Byzantine and Ottoman to Art Nouveau and Modernist. While burnished with the patina of high culture, Belgrade shines as one of Europe’s premier nightlife destinations, where revelry goes on until the sun comes up. The lively atmosphere continues into daylight hours, as thousands bustle through Knez Mihailova, a pedestrian boulevard named one of the top shopping thoroughfares in the world.
Walking distance from the dock, the pleasures of Blaye are easy to access, including its lively Saturday morning market, overflowing with fruits and vegetables, especially asparagus, a regional specialty. Experience not only the market, but also the 17th-century Citadel overlooking the Gironde estuary, local bike rides and the Cognac region, famous for the amber-hued spirit of the same name.

 Day 6
Blaye, France »   5 am


 Day 6
Cruising the Gironde Estuary & Dordogne River* »


 Day 6
Libourne, France (overnight) » 8 am  

Launch your visit to Libourne right from the river cruise dock, situated within walking distance to this lively old town. Especially lively are the weekly market days on the central square, Place Abel-Surchamp, host to not only the largest fresh food market in the region but also a fine assortment of merchant houses and other historic buildings. Of particular interest is the 15th-century Town Hall, rebuilt in the 19th century to reflect its medieval specifications. Being a waterside city, Libourne features a notable bridge, a long stone construction built in 1822 to span the Dordogne River. Explore the oldest part of the city, called Fozera, to take a memorable jaunt through time and find yourself admiring architectural embellishments such as pretty balconies, graceful archways and evocative turrets typical of historic French buildings. Speaking of which, you may also take time to wander past the restored Gothic church and ponder the remains of the city’s defensive walls.

 Day 7
Libourne, France »   8 am

Your arrival in Libourne is perfectly timed for its weekly market, overflowing with fresh regional products. Head to Saint-Emilion, famed for its vineyards and red wines, not to mention the UNESCO-listed town itself, embraced by part of its original medieval fortifications, interlaced by steep, narrow streets and dotted by lovely little squares. Depending on timing and interest, you might climb the steps of the 13th-century bell tower to witness sweeping views of the town and countryside, or venture underground to investigate the catacombs. Time will most certainly allow for bike rides out and about, an invigorating way to take in the sights.

 Day 7
Cruising the Dordogne & Garonne Rivers* »


 Day 7
Bordeaux, France (overnight) » 12 n  


 Day 8
Bordeaux, France » Disembark pm


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