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10 Night Best of Paris, Seine River & Normandy
Paris Return

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Duration: 10 Nights
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Day Port Arrival Departure
Day 1
Paris, France (overnight) »   Embark pm

Often called the City of Love, Paris indeed fosters a deep affection not only between romantically inclined individuals but between the city itself and those who visit. Instantly recognizable landmarks, gastronomic pleasures and a sophisticated sense of style conspire to win over even the most seasoned travelers, few of whom can resist the city’s charms. Paris is a walking locale, inviting hand-holding strolls along Haussmannian boulevards and camera-lifting encounters with the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and, of course, the Eiffel Tower, an architectural achievement designed to make spectators swoon, especially at night when the 1889 World’s Fair tower is awash in light—contributing to Paris’s other befitting nickname, City of Light.

Day 2
Paris, France (overnight) »    


Day 3
Paris, France »   2 pm


 Day 3
Cruising the Seine River »


Day 4
Honfleur, France (overnight) » 8 am  
Deauville, Cliffs at Etretat and Yport, D-Day Landing Beaches, Point du Hoc

Note: Arrival and departure times for this port will depend on tidal restrictions.
Day 5
Honfleur, France (overnight) »    
Day 6
Honfleur, France »   12 n
Day 6
Cruising the Seine River »


Day 6
Rouen, France (overnight) » 5 pm  
Rouen - Joan of Arc walking tour, Abbaye de Jumieges
Day 7
Rouen, France »   12 m
Rouen, capital of Normandy, was dubbed "The City of a Hundred Spires" by Victor Hugo. The mighty River Seine divides the old quarter on the right bank from the newer city on the left. Monet was fascinated by Rouen's magnificent Cathedral and painted it many times during his illustrious career. However, this city is probably most famed as the place where Joan of Arc burned at the stake in the 15th century. Today, the exact site is marked by a bronze cross. As an important visitor center in the north of France, Rouen is the perfect gateway to Normandy and Paris.
Day 8
Vernon, France » 8 am 5 pm

Situated on the banks of the Seine, Vernon hosts a wealth of attractions, all poised to take you on a journey back through time. Perhaps the most prominent signpost—this one directing you as far back as the 11th century—is the gothic Collegiale Notre Dame, a magnificent church built over several centuries and featuring an elaborate, medallion-like rose window. Half-timbered buildings snug up to the cathedral, forming a picture-perfect contrast of ecclesiastical exuberance and rustic charm. Other fine landmarks include the Town Hall with a fresco-decorated interior; a round tower built in the 12th century and the only remaining part of the ancient Vernon chateau-fort; and an old half-timbered watermill situated, much like a covered bridge, over a section of the river. If you care to take a jaunt to the 19th-century milieu of the French Impressionists, visit Vernon’s Musée Alphonse-Georges Poulain, home to a collection of works by Monet.
Immerse yourself in the real-life settings of Monet’s most recognizable works with a visit to Giverny, the town where the artist lived for more than four decades before his death in 1926. Take in the beauty of pond that inspired his Water Lilies series at Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet, the painter’s house and gardens, today a museum. A rebuilt Japanese bridge and Monet’s humble pink abode bring the artist and his work to life. The house and gardens are open seasonally; should a visit not be possible during your call in Vernon, you will visit the chateau at La-Roche-Guyon, an imposing castle built right up to the face of a cliff. Dating originally to the 14th century, the chateau today is a grand 18th-century design.

Day 9
Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, France » 8 am 5 pm

Dock right in the small village center of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine to discover a town within close proximity to fashionable Paris, the opulent palace at Versailles and the home of Vincent van Gogh at Auvers-sur-Oise. Its surrounds exceptionally notable, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine is remarkable in its own right, a historic town tucked at the confluence of the Oise and Seine rivers, and originally named simply Conflans for that geographical fact. “Sainte-Honorine” was later added to honor the female saint, Honorina, whose holy relics have been housed here since 876.
Artistic and architectural options are yours with your stop in this legendary spot in France. Consider venturing to Versailles, the magnificent palace that began as a hunting lodge during the reign of Louis XIII and became the splendid tour de force of the French baroque style with the transformation by Louis XIV. Humbler art, yet every bit as inspiring and enduring, is that of Vincent van Gogh and his compatriots Cézanne, Pissarro, Carot and Morisot, who all spent time (and in van Gogh’s case, his last months) in the pretty town of Auvers-sur-Oise. Treat yourself to a visit to encounter the landscapes and village scenes captured by the Impressionists’ brushes. At the Auberge Ravoux, known as Maison de Van Gogh, a simple, unfurnished bedroom on the upper floor where van Gogh died bears testament to a tormented and brilliant artist.

Day 9
Cruising the Seine River »


Day 9
Paris, France (overnight) » 9 pm  

Aboard Crystal Debussy, enjoy a scenic night-time cruise through this spellbinding city, enjoying the unparalleled views from the comfort of your Crystal ship before it docks alongside Dock Quai de Grenelle, conveniently located within minutes from the icon Eiffel Tower.

Day 10
Paris, France (overnight) »    


Day 11
Paris, France » Disembark pm  


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